"SUMMER CAMP-Y" Triple Feature
Friday, July 20th, 2007
at The Castro Movie theatre in San Francisco, CA.

7:30pm - LITTLE DARLINGS –(1980) - Directed by Ronald Maxwell
Containing: Tatum O'Neil, Kristy McNichol, Matt Dillon, Cynthia Nixon.

We kick off our Summer Camp night with one of the most sincere female coming of age films ever made. With the same amount of compassion to girl's struggles as FOXES, this camp competition places tuff grrrl Angel (McNichol) up against the snobby priss Ferris (O'Neil) as they both compete to see who can lose their virginity first. Nostalgic wacky antics ensue with everything from food-fights to late nights! But what really punctuates this is the genuinely heartbreaking performance by Kristy McNichol. Throw in a super young (and super cute) Matt Dillon and you've got a Camp classic that will stick with you for years to come. Extremely RARE 35mm widescreen print! NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD! 96min + trailers preceeding the film including RUMBLE FISH, TEX and LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN.

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9:45pm - MEATBALLS –(1979) - Directed by Ivan Reitman
Containing: Bill Murray, Matt Craven, Chris Makepeace, Kate Lynch.

You won't find a more perfect summer camp film than this BAD NEWS BEARS inspired fun-fest! Camp counselor Tripp Harrison (perhaps Bill Murray's best role?) creates the ultimate summer extravaganza for his pre-pubescent attendees. The non-stop Camp hi-jinx include campfire stories, hot-dog eating contests, and pranks galore. This is good-ol' fashion, clean fun... 1970s style. The film's competition climax between rivaling camps, combined with an extra-ordinary number of essential one-liners, you'll feel like you're thirteen-years-old all over again. (And that's a good thing!) Preceeded by a pile of Camp-y trailers including REVENGE OF THE NERDS, MIDNITE MADNESS, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, SLEEPAWAY CAMP. 99min. Surprisingly RARE 35mm.

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–Written by Nathaniel Dorsky (SF Experimental Filmmaker!) Directed by Richard Lerner
Containing: Jerii Woods, Cheryl Smith, Helen Lang, Patrice Rohmer, Susie Elene & David Hasselhoff's debut!

Capping the night off is the grand finale of teenagers-running-amok flicks. This unstoppable T&A classic not only sports some of the most beautiful (naked) women of the 70's, it showcases David Hasselhoff's very first screen appearance… bare-ass and all! The film is overflowing with so many legendary sequences that I can't decide which is the finest: Is it the bubble bath orgy in the high school locker room or the marijuana induced lunchroom food fight (which is easily the longest food fight in film history). Don't miss this RARE chance to see one of the major inspiration's for Tarantino's DEATH PROOF! Plus this will be screened from a genuine Drive-In print, scratches and all. Plus, be prepared for an onslaught of quintessential 70's T&A trailers including THE CHEERLEADERS, THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, H.O.T.S. & HOT T-SHIRTS! 88min. 35mm Grindhouse print.

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