FRIday, FEBRUARY 18, 2011
at the castro theatre in San Francisco, CA.

"KiNG OF THE HOOD" Triple Feature


7:30pm - BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984)
Directed by Martin Brest; Containing: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton
after school
As with many raunchy 80s films, this Eddie Murphy spectacle has rarely been screened in all of it's 'R' rated glory, due to the insane amount of network censorship. Come cheer for Axel Foley as he drives his crappy blue Chevy Nova up-and-down the cocaine-infested Beverly Hills... all to the beats of Glenn Frey & The Pointer Sisters! This is sheer 80s bliss! Preceded by upcoming M4M trailers. 35mm print courtesy of Paramount. 105min

Watch the original trailer here: ch?v=XQGi4eB3RZI

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9:45pm - THE WARRiORS (1979)
Directed by Walter Hill
Containing: Michael Beck, James Remar, Dorsey Wright, David Patrick Kelly

king of the hood"War-ri-ors!!!! Come out and plaaayy!" Who's your favorite gang? Turnbull AC's? The Furies? The Lizzies? You've played the video game, you've seen the new director's cut (complete with some awkward animation) now see the original 1979 cut before Tony Scott (finally) finishes directing the remake (due out this year!) Whatever baadasssss gang is your personal pleasure (The Orphans?), make sure you come prepared to cheer them on at the greatest movie theatre in the country! Preceded by some amazing trailers. 35mm print courtesy of Paramount. 93min

Watch the original trailer here: ch?v=MV4cgs-bPic

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11:59pm - THE LAST DRAGON (1986)
Directed by Michael Schultz
Containing: Taimak, Vanity & Christopher Murney
king of the hood
With a remake in the works, don't miss your chance to watch another jaw-dropping obscurity at midnite! This KARATE KID knockoff carves itself quite a niche in the 1980s U.S. martial arts genre with real black-belt fighter Taimak (aka Bruce Leroy) desperately fighting to achieve "The Glow", a genuinely brilliant and hypnotic special feat that 25 years later, I still dream of becoming! DO NOT MISS THIS RARE 35MM SCREENING! Did I mention it stars Vanity from a similar type classic... NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986)?! Preceded by some of the best 1980s U.S. martial arts film trailers! Original 35mm print. 109min

Watch the original trailer here: ch?v=Nm6-KDSEq2E

ONLY $12 for all three films.

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