“A Genuine Tribute to JODiE FOSTER’s After School Specials”
Thursday, July, 14 @ Kanbar Forum at The Exploratorium

Join us with a mediated program that invites you to look past the irony and nostalgia of 1970s after-school specials so you can discover their emotional core. The maniac encourages self-reflection and exploration of your response to this niche genre.

Rookie of the Year
7:00 pm

Released in 1973, 60 minutes long

Directed by Larry Elikann
Written by Gloria Banta, Patricia Nardo
Containing Jodie Foster, Ned Wilson, Dennis McKiernan

Preceding Michael Ritchie’s The Bad News Bears (1976) by three years, this (still) progressive pitch, pits an 11-year-old girl against the whole wide world of sports when she joins her brother’s all-male Little League Baseball team. This role made Jodie Foster a star.

The Secret Life of T.K. Dearing
8:15 pm

Released in 1973, 60 minutes long

Directed by Harry Harris
Written by Bob Rodgers, Jean Robinson
Containing Jodie Foster

This heartwarming (and heartwrenching) life lesson focuses on a rare relationship between a preteen girl and her grandfather, a free soul with whom she shares adventures. Bring your hanky—it’s a doozy that will leave you appreciating your family in ways you will never forget.