“Christmas Evil: Director’s Cut (1980) + 35mm Horror Trailer Reel”
Saturday, December, 23 @ The Roxie Theater

Christmas Evil
9:15 pm

Released in 1980, Rated R, 100 minutes long

Directed by Lewis Jackson

Watch the trailer

This uniquely cinematic, bizarrely bleak and immensely thoughtful Stalker film is not only John Waters’ “favorite Christmas flick”, it is one of the most underrated horror films of the 1980s. Don’t miss this 4K restoration of the 100 minute Director’s Cut, followed by a gaggle of jaw dropping 35mm horror trailers. Hosted by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks.

“In contrast to most slasher flicks, this isn’t about anything as simple as revenge. director Lewis Jackson’s concerns are bigger: social responsibility, personal morality, and the gaping gulf between society’s stated aims at Christmastime—charity, hope, goodwill to all men—and the plight of those left on the outside: the children, the mentally ill, the ones who don’t fit in. It’s a great-looking film, too: one shot of a suburban street lined with glowing reindeer looks more like Spielberg-ian sci-fi than low-budget horror.” –Tom Huddleston