“A Genuine Tribute to Stephen King & STRANGER THiNGS Double Bill”
Thursday, October, 20 @ The Roxie Theater

Stand By Me
7:00 pm

Released in 1986, Rated R, 88 minutes long

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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Stephen King’s favorite film adaptation, this is one of the key films to influence the Duffer Brothers’ new Netflix TV show STRANGER THiNGS. Four young boys (including a legendary performance by River Phoenix) set out on a secret expedition in 1959, in hopes of finding a local missing child. This coming-of-age adventure will help rebuild your bitter, cynical heart while the timeless tunes of Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis & The Chordettes will pulsate through your veins. Brand new DCP presentation courtesy of Sony. RATED R (for language.) Running time: 88 minutes. 1986. Preceded by a handful of other films that inspired the TV show STRANGER THiNGS.


9:00 pm

Released in 1982, Rated R, 120 minutes long

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This hilarious black comedy/horror treat brought Stephen King and George Romero (NiGHT OF THE LiViNG DEAD) together to create five short stories, inspired by 1950s E.C. horror comic books. You’ll scream at ghastly ghouls, cringe at weird kids, and shiver at the doings of evil doctors. With special effects master Tom Savini leading the way and Stephen King delivering one of the funniest performances of the decade, you won’t want to miss this rare 35mm screening of a film that the kids in the Duffer Brothers’ STRANGER THiNGS most definitely were obsessed with. “The most fun you’ll ever have being scared.” 35mm print courtesy of Warner Brothers. RATED R (for graphic violence & language.) Running time: 120 minutes. 1982.