“A Genuine Tribute to Sofia Coppola – Both in 35mm!”
Sunday, June, 25 @ The Roxie Theater

A very special one-night-only screening of two classic Sofia Coppola films, both shown in glorious 35mm in preparation for her upcoming sixth feature THE BEGUiLED, a remake of Don Siegel/Clint Eastwood’s 1971 film.

Lost in Translation
6:15 pm

Released in 2003, Rated R, 101 minutes long

Directed by Sofia Coppola
Containing Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray

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Sofia Coppola’s Oscar winning second feature (Best Original Screenplay) is one of modern Hollywood’s most effective existential films. Following a lonely, aging movie star named Bob Harris (giving Bill Murray the role of his lifetime) and a conflicted newlywed, Charlotte (creating Scarlett Johansson into a full blown star), the two strangers find distraction and understanding amidst the bursting neon lights of Tokyo. Showcasing Lance Acord’s profound cinematography combined with unstoppably hilarious wacky antics, this maudlin relationship romp plays out like Hal Ashby’s HAROLD AND MAUDE (1971), Wong Kar-wai’s IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) and Roberto Rossellini’s JOURNEY IN ITALY (1953). And all of it laced in a dreamy-fuzz synth pop soundtrack by Air, My Bloody Valentine, Peaches and Phoenix. Do not miss this contemporary classic on the big screen! Preceded by other amazing Sofia Coppola trailers! Rated R. 104min. 35mm print courtesy of Focus Features.

Marie Antoinette
8:15 pm

Released in 2006, Rated PG-13, 125 minutes long

Directed by Sofia Coppola
Cinematography by Lance Acord
Containing Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Judy Davis, Rip Torn, Asia Argento

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With Sofia Coppola releasing her latest film THE BEGUiLED, it is time to take a decade look back on her sumptuous and controversial third feature. Given unprecedented access to the actual Palace of Versailles and showcasing Milena Canonero’s Oscar winning costume designs, this modernizied-hipster allegory of the young Queen of France perfectly encapsulates the confused apathy of entitlement. The culminating satire is achieved by combining Kirsten Dunst’s commanding cluelessness with Jason Schwartzman, Judy Davis, Rip Torn, and Asia Argento’s deliciously over the top performances. Add to that cinematographer Lance Acord’s stunning camera work and combine it with one of a polarizing modern soundtrack showcasing New Order, Gang of Four, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Strokes and Aphex Twin and you’ve got yourself a movie that is ripe to be revisited. Rated PG-13. 125min. Original 35mm Print courtesy of Sony.